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If you are looking for a lower cost business telephone system that doesn’t compromise on performance and features, you have found it with the 3CX telephone system!  It is a software based PBX which can be built on a PC we provide and monitor, or even better virtually on your existing hardware or server. This is a feature packed telephone system with built in video conferencing, call reporting, call recording for a fraction of the cost.

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3cx management console

Why purchase a Software Based VoIP IP telephone system?

The 3CX telephone system is a software-based IP PBX that replaces the traditional hardware based PBX model. The 3CX telephone system runs on the open source SIP standard which makes it easier to manage, and allows you to use any SIP style hardware or software telephones you desire. 

 The system is licensed by simultaneous call, not by user. This means you can have as many users as you want for no extra cost.

 The web-based configuration interface makes it easy to install & manage.

 3CX is far less expensive to purchase and expand than a hardware-based telephone system.

 Improve productivity with presence, desktop based call control and extension management.

 One single cable powers your telephone and desktop.

 Gives employees the ability to work from home using a remote extension working on the business telephone system.

 Open source SIP infrastructure means the system is vendor agnostic – no vendor lock in.

 Make & receive calls using traditional dial tone or SIP trunks.

 The 3cx telephone system can lower dial tone costs by using SIP trunks, VoIP providers or Skype Connect.

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General Features

Number of Simultaneous Calls Supported> 1,024> 1,024> 1,024
Call Logging check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Call Forward on Busy or No Answer check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Call Routing by DID check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Auto Attendant / Digital Receptionist check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Voicemail/ Music on Hold check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Central Phonebook check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Call Transfer check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
MWI – Message Waiting Indicator check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Supports Popular SIP Phones check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Ring Extension & Mobile Simultaneously check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Automatic Pickup on Busy check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Supports SIP Trunks/ Gatewayscheck-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Extensive Codec Support (G711, G722, GSM, Speex, ILBC) check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
G729 Codec Support check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Custom FQDN check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Busy Lamp Field (BLF) check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Call Reporting check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Call Parking / Pickup check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Call Queuing check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Call Recording check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Intercom/ Paging check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Call Recordings Management check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Configure BLF’s from the Clients  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Sennheiser Headset Integration  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf

Management and Scalability

Web-based Management Console check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Automated Provisioning of Devices check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Real Time Web-based System Status check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Integrated Web Server check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Easy Backup and Restore check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
SBC to Configure Remote Extensions check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
VMware / Hyper-V Compatibility check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Scheduled Backup check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Connect Remote 3CX PBX Systems (Bridges) check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Scheduled Restore  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Inbuilt Fail Over Functionality  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Standby Licence   check-04-wf

Unified Communications

See the Presence of Your Colleagues check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Receive Voice Mail via Email check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Advanced Forwarding Rules check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Setting Up Conference Calls check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Receive Faxes via Email as PDF check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Integrated Fax Server check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Integrate Offices with 3CX Bridge check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
CallVia3CX  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
View Presence of Bridged PBXs  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf

Call Center / Contact Center

Advanced Queue Strategies  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Advanced Call Reporting  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Real Time Queue Statistics  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Queue Reports  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Barge In / Listen In / Whisper  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Query Customer Name Based on Caller ID  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Ability to Use 3CX Clients API  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Link Company Directory with LDAP / ODBC  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Sync Phonebook with Microsoft Exchange  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Real Time Queue Monitoring  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Wallboard  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Switchboard Queue Manager View  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Call Recordings Search  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Supervisor can Log Agents In/Out  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Supports External Agents  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Callback if queue full  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
CRM Integration / Scripting Interface  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
SLA alerting/reporting  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf


Android Client check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
iOS Client check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Windows Phone Client check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
CTI Support check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Seamlessly Create Conference Calls check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Users can Configure their Own Extension check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Provisioning by Email check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Manage the 3CX Client from within the Console check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Includes 3CX Tunnel to Avoid NAT Problems check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf

IP Phone Management

Automatic Plug & Play Phone Provisioning check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Manage IP Phones Network Wide from Console check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Restart Phones Remotely check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Update & Manage Firmware Network Wide check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf

Application Integration

Office 365 (address book only) check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Microsoft Outlook check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
TAPI  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Office 365  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Salesforce  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Microsoft Dynamics  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Microsoft Exchange 2013 / LDAP / ODBC  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
SugarCRM  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Google Contacts  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Exact  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Zendesk  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Freshdesk  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
act!  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Datev  check-04-wfcheck-04-wf

Web Conferencing

Plugin Free – WebRTC check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
One-click conference check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Meeting Recording check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Remote Control / Assistance check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Screen Sharing check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Unlimited Users check-04-wfcheck-04-wfcheck-04-wf
Participants Included1050100

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