Fiber Optic Cabling Installation

Fiber optic cabling installations Vancouver

Univirtual Systems have technicians that have been installing both singlemode and multimode fiber optic cabling in and around Vancouver since 1999. As a result we have the knowledge and expertise to guide you in making the right decisions. Although copper has made amazing advances in the amount of data it is able to transfer, it is still limited to the 100 Meter/300 foot rule. Furthermore, fiber optic cabling remains the best option over longer distances, or for higher bandwidth applications. The technologies and systems using fiber optic cabling continue to shift and advance. We provide design, consulting and assessment services in addition to installation and repair services.  Give us a call, we would be happy to help you to determine if fiber optic cabling is right for you.

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Fiber Optic cable installations

Our technicians have been installing fiber optic cable in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland since 1999, as a result we are often able to come in under budget.

Fiber optic testing & certification

We will test your existing network and certify that everything is working correctly.

Fiber optic repair services

Our technicians can locate faults and repair them rather than replace entire cables.  The results are thousands saved in replacement costs.

A few facts about fiber optics:

Fiber optics use light: Fiber optics use light instead of electricity to transmit information, therefore there are no heat issues, no fire issues, and no electromagnetic interference.

Fiber optics is a good environmental choice: Optical cabling requires much less power than traditional copper data wire. Less power = smaller carbon footprint.

Fiber optics has a long history: Fiber optics have been around since the 1870’s. their more widespread use came into being in the 1950’s. This is a technology that has been in use for quite some time!

Fiber optics have many uses: What was once used for data transmission is now used in a myriad of applications.  Fiber optic cabling is used in spectroscopy, art, lamps, even in artificial x-mas trees.

Fiber optics are fast: Data transfer rates through fiber optic cabling can transmit 10-80 Gigabits per second over just one channel.

Here’s a great video we found online that explains how fiber optic cables work.  Enjoy!

Different style fiber optic connectors